Sunday, September 27, 2009

Highlights of Timmy Daddy week

Timmy and Daddy at San San Beach

Timmy carried that thing everywhere

Looking around the tidepools

Rocking out to NOFX (Timmy's favorite song is Kill all the White Man)

Timmy showing his punk rock horns

enjoying chocolate toast

Million dollar smile.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cute things Timmy has said or done.

So this is so someday I can look back and remember, if you aren't into this, don't read it. But I think these are pretty cute. Some happened in English some in Japanese.

* Daddy: Daddy is happy,
Timmy: Timmy happy too. (this is cute to me because he figured out "too" from his own observations.

*Timmy: I love Milk. (random quote from a 2 year old)

*Timmy tripped over his tickle me Elmo, and Elmo's hand ended up on Timmy's leg. Timmy angrily replied, "Elmo punched!" and then punched Elmo in the stomach. I told him not to punch Elmo and he immediately began rubbing Elmo's stomach saying, "Sorry Elmo".

*Timmy was getting busted by his Mommy for something and he said "Mommy's cute, huh?" (in japanese)

*Timmy was reaching towards me to reach for something, and I took his hand and gave him a handshake to which he replied, "Nice to meet you." Neither Shoko nor I had taught him that.

*Timmy has had an ear infection lately and on his most recent trip to the ear doctor, when he went into the doctor's room and saw the doctor, he quickly covered his ears and shouted, "Timmy's ears are ok!!!" (in japanese, and yes in the third person.)

*Daddy was watching Timmy one afternoon when Timmy asked Daddy if we could have "Mickey-Donald's" (Mcdonald's in case you have trouble with 2 year old speak), to which Daddy replied, "You have to ask Mommy when she gets home" Timmy began repeating, "ask mommy, ask mommy." then a few minutes later on his own he concluded, "Mommy said No."
*We live on the fourth floor so there are a lot of stairs, so often times Timmy will wrap his arms around my legs and say, "Hold me please." to which I would replay, "Are you a Lazy guy?" Well we were walking to his school this morning and Timmy wrapped around my legs and said, "Hold me please, Timmy Yazy.(lazy)"
Timmy was climbing onto Shoko's stomach, and Shoko told Timmy to be carefull, there is a baby on that, so then in a cutesy way he said "Hi Baby. Did I hurt you?" and then proceeded to sing a song about being sorry to the baby.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Last day of our first trip to Tokyo

On our last day in Tokyo, we went to the rich district, we went to Ueno park, and then to this little aquarium in Tokyo.

Timmy fascinated by the sharks (hell yeah I love that, haha)

Timmy and Daddy in front of the Penguin cage.

Awesome picture of this dude surfing on a bottlenose dolphin

Timmy checking out the penguins.

A king penguin swimming behind Timmy.

Timmy checking out a zebra shark.

Family pic in front of a cool statue.

Timmy and Daddy in front of a train. Timmy loves choo-choo trains.

Timmy, Maiko, and Sawa on the train.

Rich district in Tokyo.

Timmy at a big shrine in Tokyo.

Handsome Timmy in front of a cool shrine.

Timmy with his Chinese hat, and long freaking hair.

The gate at china town (we are in that picture, it's just a little difficult to see us.)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tokyo Part 2 Yokohama

So after Nikko we went to Yokohama were the Temples are more Japanese style.I personally like these ones better, more calm looking. The Chinese style is more detailed, but I think they area little cheesy, which is why I prefer these. Unfortunately Shoko is sleeping so I cant name these untill later.

Shoko with some beautifulflowers and Bamboo

Timmy and I in front of a cool looking lamp

This Bell is considered a National Treasure to Japan

The family in front of a cherry Blossom tree in Japan (Japan is kind of famous for these)

A beautiful Dragon painting on the ceiling of a shrine (potential future calf tattoo? perhaps)

The Bell again

Dont remember the name of this place, but I do remember that it is good luck to walk under this.

i thought this picture looked cool.

Maiko in front of a beautiful cherry blossom tree.

Timmy giving a kiss to his favorite cartoon Hero Anpanman.

Timmy with Anpanman

Huggy Hug.

Timmy with Baciman

These eagles were everywhere.

This is the second largest Buddah in Japan Huge, you can go inside it.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tokyo Part 1 and Nikko

This last weekend we took our first trip to Tokyo.

At the airport.

Timmy doing his share

Mt. Fuji from the plane

After we got to Tokyo it was off to the trains (I think we averaged about 5 trains a day)

Shoko and Timmy on the train to Nikko. Nikko is about a 2 1/2 train ride north of Tokyo. Famous for it's hot springs.

At the traditional Hotel we stayed at they had these Yukatas (traditional Japanese clothing worn around the house). When in Rome...... They are very comfortable, I may even buy some.

Dinner at the restaurant in the Hotel.

The Five-Storied Pagoda in Nikko Japan.

Timmy's first time in the snow, he doesn't care that we are taking pictures.

Timmy frolicking

Timmy and Shoko playing (It's her first time in the snow as well.)

Family pic at a waterfall. We are holding our hands that way because it is how Timmy shows you how old he is.

Timmy threw a snowball.

Front Gate to Nikko Mausoleum Rin-no-ji Taiyuin
I think this is The God of Thunder

Lake Chuzenji (ranked 7th most beautiful lake in Japan, yeah they rank em.)

Beautiful pic of the Lake and Mountains
Another Family pic (we hadn't met up with Shoko's sister Sawa yet)

Kegon Falls

Don't remember what this is.